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Tips and Guidelines
Guidelines for Odd Job Seeker
  1. You may start by searching / viewing for an odd job here.
  2. dojob enables you to easily choose your odd job by job category, pay, location and job description.
  3. Apply for your favoured odd job but make sure that you are available at that date and time. We find it best that you find an odd job at a location most easily accessible to you so that you save commuting time while earning money.
  4. Increase your chances of getting picked by having a good description on your profile, adding skills to the list and by increasing your trust level. You earn your trust stars when you fill up additional details about yourself like adding your NRIC / Passport Number, upload your NRIC/Passport copy, date of birth and contact number to show credibility and assurance to the Odd Job Provider.
  5. dojob believes that your chances of getting picked will increase when Odd Job Providers read a good description of how well you can handle the job and the relevant experiences that you have in regard to that task - so be sure to fill in all your good traits, experiences and skills during that application!
  6. “Promote Your Talent” at your profile page to post your offered services and price quotation so that Odd Job Providers can hire you.
  7. The Odd Job Provider will pay directly to you in cash once your task has been completed.
Guidelines for Odd Job Provider
  1. You may start by posting an odd job here.
  2. When you post an odd job, you will have to set the date of the job to be done so that Odd Job Seekers will be able to wisely choose a job that fits their schedule. Also, you will have to add the offered wage for that job.
  3. You will be required to enter the number of person(s) needed when you post an odd job. This amount has to be confirmed upon posting as you will not be able to amend it at a later time.
  4. A description of the odd job will also allow Odd Job Seekers to know whether they are suitable for the job. It also gives them the confidence of whether or not they will be able to complete the job. This is also to prevent Odd Job Seekers from blindly applying. Additionally, the description may specify the need to bring along specific tools or the need to be not fearful of heights, etc.
  5. After posting the job, wait for the applications to come in. We will notify you each time an applicant applies for your posting. In your ‘Dashboard’ page, when you click on your 'Posted Odd Jobs', you will be able to view a list of applicants and you can screen through their profiles one by one.
  6. dojob recommends Odd Job Providers to select their candidates by the trust level. Four stars mean that all details have been filled up and that the Odd Job Seeker has provided sufficient details. This serves as a safety measure.
  7. When viewing candidate's profile, you will be able to see their self-description which will guide you to choose the perfect candidate.
  8. After you have decided on the perfect candidate and approve the application, you may then message them via Message ME function to make the necessary arrangements.
  9. You may also choose to search and hire potential job seekers in the "Hire Talent" section instead of posting an odd job.
  10. Payment shall be made in cash directly to your candidate once the job is completed.
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