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Privacy Statement

dojob respects and takes matters pertaining to privacy very seriously, therefore we would suggest users to read our privacy policy carefully so that you may understand how dojob uses your personal data.

The purpose of dojob is to solely act as a platform to enable Odd Job Providers to get their extra work done and for Odd Job Seekers to earn extra income. Regarding the personal information that you share with us, you may choose whether or not to share or the extent to which you would like to share. We will not obtain any of your private information without your prior permission.

We do not sell or distribute any personal information or data that you have provided dojob without your prior permission.

Type of Information that we collect
The basic information we collect when you register with is your first name, last name and email address. For account validation, we will send a confirmation to your registered email account. You may opt to register with your Facebook social media account for your convenience. Contact information will only be visible to the Odd Job Provider when the Odd Job Provider chooses the Odd Job Seeker. When you post a job on dojob, you shall agree that we may feature your job posting on our social media page (Facebook) for content purposes and to promote the use of our portal.

To increase your credibility and chances of getting picked as an Odd Job Provider / Odd Job Seeker, you may add further the following information :

  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • NRIC / Passport No
  • Upload NRIC / Passport
  • Email Address
  • Mobile No.
  • Address
  • Nationality

Upload of NRIC / Passport
We emphasize that we take privacy matters very seriously. Uploaded NRIC / Passport copies are for dojob use only – this is to ensure that the user’s identification is accurate and for the benefit of dojob’s community’s security and peace of mind. Therefore, uploaded copies will be watermarked which you will be able to view before uploading.

Editing Personal Details
You may change your personal details from your profile settings page at any time. By adding or subtracting details, please note that you might either gain or lose your trust badge based on the types of details amended.

Cookies in your browser enable us to better serve you by suggesting posts or candidates that might be of interest to you. If you wish to disable the cookies, you may adjust it in your browser settings.

Privacy Policy Changes
dojob's privacy policy and terms of use may be revised periodically or whenever necessary and will be updated on our website for your reference.
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