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What is dojob?
dojob is an online platform that connects those who are searching for an odd job with Odd Job Providers who need to get things done.
How does dojob work?
Please refer to our How dojob Works page to find out.
Who is an Odd Job Provider?
An Odd Job Provider posts an odd job and pays a selected Odd Job Seeker to get things done. Odd job Providers may also search and hire potential job seekers in the "Hire Talent" section instead of posting an odd job.
Who is an Odd Job Seeker?
An Odd Job Seeker applies for a suitable odd job within their capabilities to earn extra cash. Besides that, an Odd Job Seeker may market himself through the “Promote Your Talent” section in the profile page. When users market their profiles, they agree that their profiles are made available to view at the "Hire Talent" page.
Can I be an Odd Job Provider and an Odd Job Seeker at the same time?
Yes, you can. With one account, you will be able to act as either an Odd Job Provider or an Odd Job Seeker to suit your situation.
Who can be Odd Job Provider and an Odd Job Seeker?
Anyone can sign up to do odd jobs and post a job. Registration is free and easy.
The whole purpose and general idea of dojob is to balance out time and money. Those who have a couple of extra hours can earn cash by spending their time doing an odd job and those who have some extra cash but no time can register to be an Odd Job Provider and post an odd job.
You may switch roles and choose to be both under the same account. These details can be checked in your summary at the Dashboard page.
What is “Promote Your Talent” and what is it for?
Some users prefer to be scouted than to search / apply for jobs. Using the “Promote Your Talent” feature, you will be able to post the type of job you prefer to do and offer a price for your services. This can be found at your Profile page. Simply fill in the required fields, click “Promote Your Talent” and agree to allow your profile to be searched in the "Hire Talent" page. Interested users can hire you and you can choose to accept that request.
What type of odd jobs can I find on dojob?
There are many types of odd jobs that Odd Job Providers might need help with. This ranges from fence painting, gutter cleaning, plumbing to waiting at a banquet or babysitting for a family. There are no restrictions as long as it falls into the odd job category and we are open to more suggestions from the dojob community along the way.
What is trust level?
Trust level is the amount of trust that other users may put on you.
dojob users are given the chance to increase trust level by giving out truthful and supporting information about themselves to eliminate doubts that the other party has.
Get a star for each detail filled up to increase your trust level by giving out truthful and supporting information about yourself. Earn up to four stars for trust level when the following details are completed.
  1. NRIC / Passport No
  2. Upload NRIC / Passport
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Mobile No.
How much do I get paid per odd job?
That depends on the Odd Job Provider who will include the pay amount in the posting of the odd job. You will then be able to choose whether or not it’s a fair amount and apply for that job posting if the amount is agreeable to you. You may also negotiate on the price offered.
I would like to post a job. What type of information should I put in the description?
As an Odd Job Provider, the more information you include in the description, the better. This is to ensure that you have the right type of applicants applying for the job. Types of info include: age group you would like to hire, gender, traits of the odd job seeker and probably tools that they should bring along.
Example: I’m looking for someone who is experienced in gardening and is available this Saturday at 8am for 5 hours. The candidate that I’m looking for should be a male, around 25-35 years old and has a lawn mower as I don’t have that at home. I would also need someone who is very strong because I need to pull out one of the plants and the roots are quite deep. Would need the person to also work fast as my garden is in a big mess. If you fulfill the criteria, don’t hesitate to apply. If time spent on the garden exceeds 5 hours, don’t worry I will pay the extra for that time according to the hour.
How do I receive payment after completing the odd job?
Odd Job Providers shall pay directly to you in cash after your job is completed.
I'm an Odd Job Provider who just approved an application for my posting. What to do now?
Once you approve an applicant, you may then Message the applicant via dojob’s “Message ME” function to make the necessary arrangements.
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